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Get involved

Get involved by being a regular or project based Donor, a Partner, a Sponsor, a Volunteer or simply by helping us spread the word to successfully complete our initiatives. 


Donors Partners

You can donate at any time as we always have ongoing projects. 


For partners, we call on schools, clinics, garments factories, restaurants and other such establishments to partner with us on projects with donations in kind or on a more sustainable basis. 



Become a Sponsor for one of the underprivileged children from the IBE orphanage or the CGS Community school. We are always in need of sponsors who can take on the responsibility of one child for a few months or a year. These children come from some of the most destitute backgrounds and any contribution you make makes a significant difference in their lives. 


This year for your child's birthday, spread the love by making a birthday pledge and donating to one of our initiatives. This kind gesture from your child towards less privileged children can go a long way for someone who has never had the chance to celebrate a birthday. Contact us to know how you can spread the love :) 

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