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Emergency relief for flood victims


Location: Kurigram, Gaibandha


Start date: July 26 2020


Status: Ongoing


Partners: BEACON

Donors: 20+


Raised over BDT 5'00'000

Reached more than 4000 beneficiaries

Distributed over 750 food packs

In 2 different locations

through more than 15 volunteers

For this project, we have partnered with Bangladesh Emergency Action Against COVID-19 (BEACON) to provide monthly food packs for 750 families in the following locations: 



For our first phase of the project we’re reaching out to two villages Paler Char and Bagmara in Kurigram district. This is a critical area with more than 60,000 people severely affected by the flood with most of their homes damaged or demolished and a good number of these people moved to flood shelters.

Most of the villagers have only recently returned to work following the relaxation of lockdown measures and with the additional suffering that have been imposed on them due to the flood, these people are indeed in critical need of food aid and have received very little help so far.

Our target is to reach 500 of these most vulnerable families in Phase I and the target population is mostly poor farmers and daily laborers who will be without work at least for the foreseeable future.

Official authorities reports, as of 25 July, 93 fatalities, around 3.3 million affected people, and around 732,000 waterlogged people across 21 Districts of the country. The worst affected Districts by the flood are the Jamalpur (Mymensingh Division) and the Sunamganj Districts (Sylhet Division).

Heavy monsoon rains in upstream regions continue to cause flooding in 30 districts in the north, north-east and south-east of the country, affecting some 5.4 million people. As of 2 August, 135 deaths, mostly as a result of drowning, have been reported. Flooding has damaged houses, dykes and embankments, water sources, hygiene facilities, and has severely impacted livelihoods, especially in the agricultural sector. Access to basic services such as health care and education have been disrupted. 

With your donation, we have provided food packs during the first phase of relief work as families are mostly left without any resources and means to cook. In the second phase, BEACON will work towards rebuilding shelters in the most affected areas. 


The second distribution location is Gaibandha, a district in Northern Bangladesh and a part of the Rangpur Division. Our main efforts went towards reaching 300 families on an island which was completely cut off from mainland with the rise in water levels and high tides. 


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