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After the recent round of violence broke out, over half a million people have fled Myanmar in the span of one month, walking 5-7 days to come to Bangladesh. Most of the new arrivals of Rohingya refugees to Bangladesh are living in makeshift shelters outside two United Nations-administered refugee camps, along with hundreds of thousands of other Rohingyas refugees who were already there after fleeing previous spates of violence. A national effort is being made to immediately provide help to the most vulnerable people in these camps. In this context, Rise Up aims to raise funds and to collect donations (clothes and food) that we will arrange to deliver to the camps ourselves. In our efforts we are cooperating with the army in order to find out the immediate needs of the refugees (tarpaulin/terpal, food, clothes, help with shelters, etc). 


Location: Cox's Bazaar


Start date: September 2017


Status: Completed


Partners: TIKA

Donors: 40+


Raised over BDT 26,53,500

Reached more than 4500 beneficiaries

Distributed over 200 tonnes of food

and medication for more than 1000 people

Rohingya Refugee relief work in Cox's Bazaar

Since September 2017, Rise has been providing food through volunteers who are distributing the items themselves at the remote locations of the camps, medication through Hope International and Medglobal who have set up mobile clinics and are attending to over 1000 people everyday and we are now looking into more sustainable solutions such as water purification plant at the camp, sanitation and building an orphanage for the 40,000 plus orphaned children in the camps. VIEW PROJECT REPORT HERE.


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